・Optimizing for Learning
Logan McDonald

・Serverless and CatOps: Balancing trade-offs in operations and instrumentation
Pam Selle

・Mentoring Metrics Engineers: How to Grow and Empower Your Own Monitoring Experts
Zach Musgrave, Angelo Licastro

・The Power of Storytelling
Dawn Parzych

・Principia SLOdica - A Treatise on the Metrology of Service Level Objectives
Jamie Wilkinson

・On-call Simulator! - Building an interactive game for teaching incident response
Franka Schmidt

・Observability: the Hard Parts
Peter Bourgon

・Warning: This Talk Contains Content Known to the State of California to Reduce Alert Fatigue
Aditya Mukerjee

・Monitory Report: I Have Seen Your Observability Future. You Can Choose a Better One.
Ian Bennett


・Want to solve Over-Monitoring and Alert Fatigue? Create the right incentives!
Kishore Jalleda


・Next-Generation Observability for Next-Generation Data: Video, Sensors, Telemetry
Peter Bailis

・Coordination through community: A swarm of friendly slack bots to improve knowledge sharing
Aruna Sankaranarayanan

・Automate Your Context
Andy Domeier

・Slack in the Age of Prometheus
George Luong

Sparky the fire dog: incident response as code
Tapasweni Pathak

・Reclaim your Time: Automating Canary Analysis
Megan Kanne

Lightning Talks


・Achieving Google-levels of Observability into your Application with OpenCensus
Morgan McLean

・The present and future of Serverless observability
Yan Cui

・Putting billions of timeseries to work at Uber with autonomous monitoring
Prateek Rungta

・Building Monitoring tools when you don't own applications or infrastructure
Mercedes Coyle

・Autoscaling Containers... with Math
Allan Espinosa


・Assisted Remediation: By trying to build an autoremediation system, we realized we never actually wanted one
Kale Stedman

・Security through Observability
Dave Cadwallader


・How to include Whistler, Kate Libby, and appreciate that our differences make our teams better.
Beth Cornils