Monitorama PDX 2019資料のリンク

Taking Human Performance Seriously In Software
John Allspaw

Chaos Engineering Traps
Nora Jones

Observability and Performance Analysis with BPF
David Calavera

The Power and Creativity of Postmortem Repair Items
Nida Farrukh

A story of one SLO
Piotr Holubowicz

The AWS Billing Machine and Optimizing Cloud Costs
Ryan Lopopolo

Explain it Like I’m Five - What I Learned Teaching Observability to My Kids
Dave Cadwallader

Automation + Artisanship: the Future of Runbooks
Kenny Johnston

Tradeoffs on the Road to Observability
Liz Fong-Jones

Software Supply Chain Observability with Grafeas and Kritis
Aysylu Greenberg

Logs, Metrics, and the Evolution of Observability at Coinbase
Luke Demi

What can network teach you about your service?
Sergey Fedorov

Schema On Read and the New Logging Way
Dave Josephsen

Observability: Superpowers for Developers
Christine Yen

Statistical Aspects of Distributed Tracing
Joe Ross

How Capital One used a Data Driven approach and Governance to improve their observability in the Cloud
Amit Sheth and Prasad Konduri

Lightning Talks

Grafana Loki: like Prometheus, but for logs
Tom Wilkie

A Story of OpenTracing and OpenCensus
Jaana B. Dogan

Tracing at Dropbox: A Story of Incremental Improvements
Ross Delinger

Fight, Flight, or Freeze — Releasing Organizational Trauma
Matty Stratton

How to get the 30,000 ft view, 1 ft view and everything in between without breaking the bank!
Martin Mao

Practical Anomaly Detection using Prometheus
Andrew Newdigate

Sensory Friendly Monitoring
Quintessence Anx

Rich Histograms at Scale: A New Hope
Evan Chan