Monitorama AMS 2018の資料リンク集

PDX2018に続いて社会派セッションがありましたが、PDXと比べてPrometheusとかAIとかが多めでAlert Fatigueが少なめかなという違いも感じました。


You don’t look like an Engineer

Monica Sarbu

Nagios, Sensu, Prometheus - Why a change of the framework does not change the mindset

Rick Rackow

Is observability good for our brain? How about post-mortems?

Radu Gheorghe, Rafa? Ku?

Monitoring what you don't own

Stephen Strowes

What the NTSB teaches us about incident management & postmortems

Michael Kehoe, Nina Mushiana

A thousand and one postmortems: lessons learned from running complex systems at scale

Alexis Le-Quoc

Lightning Talks

Samplerr - RRDTool 2018
Prometheus at Adobe
Defining Alerting


Live monitoring and automatic remediation in self care of diabetess
How to become a CTO by killing


Prometheus for Practitioners: Migrating to Prometheus at Fastly

Marcus Barczak

Rethinking UX for AI-driven Monitoring Tools

Stephen Boak

Building a monitoring strategy and gaining consensus

Gregory Parker, Trevor Morgan

Self-hosted & open-source time series analysis for your infrastructure

Alexey Velikiy

Monitoring Serverless Things

Mandy Waite

How AI Helps Observe Decentralised Systems

Dominic Wellington

Incremental-decremental Methods For Real-Time Monitoring

Joe Ross

Panel Discussion

Marcus Barczak, Rick Rackow, Denys Zhdanov, Brad Lhotsky